Alexander Jansons Foundation Shoot

Jansons Property First Shoot of the Autumn

So Jansons Property have done it again, another month, another Clay pigeon shooting event.  Despite a wet start, the weather soon cleared up and a great time was had by all.

Alexander Jansons Foundation

Andy Jansons, Ollie Phillips, Stephen Nokes, Huw Williams, Simon Grier Jones, Mark Appleton, Paul Nash, Matt Goodwin, James McMullen, James Shillabeer, Rupert Churchill, Chris Thomas.

Alexander Jansons Foundation Shoot

Top Gun was Chris Thomas with an impressive score of 41.

Alexander Jansons Foundation Shoot

The winning team (on the flush) was Andy Jansons team (again!), with Ollie Phillips and Stephen Nokes.

After a brilliant morning shooting it was back to the club house for a very tasty full English breakfast.

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