Tom Jansons Jansons Property Burlington Arms

Last Thursday (25/04/2019) saw Jansons Property hosting a networking event for some industry professionals! Formal as this may sound, it was actually an opportunity to break bread with comrades in arms and exchange ideas. The event took place at Mayfair’s Burlington Arms with thirty-five budding property professionals in attendance. Tom Jansons described the night as “an evening with a good atmosphere and only a sore head in the morning to fear”.

If overindulgence was the only worry the atmosphere was indeed in the right place. As a whole the evening was a success, the atmosphere remained high as the beverages went down smoothly. The night came to a close with guests looking forward to the next Jansons networking event.

The Burlington Arms

We look forward to hosting more networking events of this nature as the year goes on. There will also be updates on upcoming events on our social media links which are available below. Instagram:

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