Jansons Property Clay Pigeon Shooting

We are now three clay pigeon shooting events into 2019 and the competitiveness has remained unrelenting. It’s always amazing to see a group of people who may not know each other basking in the competitive spirit. Regardless of the fact, someone might be a beginner and the other a certified pro, you will manage to enjoy yourself thoroughly. In typical fashion expectations were high considering the good weather we tend to have on shoot days, today’s weather was clear for the most part leaving our competitors with no excuses.

The format remained the same, twelve competitors battling it out to win the title of Top Gun while also working together in teams for the Flush event. Peter Saville (Red Rock Property) took home the Top Gun title with an impressive shoot of 36/50. The Flush was won by the team captained by Andy Jansons (Jansons Property) alongside Top Gun Saville and Jake Booth (Campbell Gordon). Jansons Property will be hosting other clay pigeon shooting events throughout the year and look forward to more opportunities to compete and network with more industry professionals. Please refer to our social media via the links below to view more photos and videos from this event! Alternatively, you can view the below which is also below.

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