Jansons- Elvico-Partnership

A beautifully sunny morning complemented further by the tranquil setting at the Brockett Hall, this breakfast event already seemed to be on the front foot before our guests arrived. Considering the busy, high-paced and often time-consuming environments we work in, Brockett Hall offered a relaxing change of pace!

Upon their arrival, guests were ushered into a room filled with welcoming property professionals and of course the filling breakfast refreshments on display. The event commenced at 8 am and by 9 am the room was full to the brim with networking noise. Brockett Hall staff were excellent in ensuring guests were catered too and helped whenever required. After allowing guests to enjoy their morning refreshments Toby Lambert (Elvico Managing Director) took some time to address guests alongside Andy Jansons (Jansons Property Managing Director). Both professionals spoke positively about the partnership using the new relationships made at the breakfast as a prime example of the immediate impact of the Jansons/Elvico collaboration. Guests reciprocated the enthusiasm with applause and somewhat of a reinvigorated energy after hearing Andy and Toby speak. The networking continued on, by the time the clock hit 10 am the event was reaching its conclusion. In the end, the breakfast was a great platform for new relationships to be formed and a testament to benefits of the Jansons and Elvico partnership. Let’s look forward to the first deal from this exciting collaboration.

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