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Bucks’ Sports Aid 2019

Visiting Dorney Lake is always a cause for celebration especially when it is in support of the next generation of professional British athletes. Friday 11th October 2019 saw two athletes receiving £1000 grants each to support their sports ambitions. The first was Amersham’s Mari Akhurst (25), a skilled para-dressage rider who is the first-ever recipient to receive two SportsAid grants from the Lunch Club. The second was Daisy Kennedy (17) a talented golfer from Hazlemere. Both £1,000 grants were presented to the young athletes by the current England cricket batting coach, Graham Thorpe MBE.

Graham Thorpe MBE, who was part of the One Day squad that won the Cricket World Cup and appeared in 100 test matches said:

“Mari and Daisy’s stories are so inspiring. Being at the top of your game is hard, but with their positive attitudes and complete dedication, I’ve no doubt that they will go far and achieve their ambitions.” The team here at Jansons also believe Mari and Daisy will go far, we believe in the art of taking on a challenge and perfecting your craft to the point where nothing or no one can stop you. This is why Jansons Property sponsors two athletes of our own, Joseph and Isle, a para-dressage rider and rower. Both were sponsored via Sports Aid and continue to compete in a top-tier competitions with our support. Special thanks to the Sports Aid for their incredible work with these young people, may they continue to support the leaders and role models of tomorrow!

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The Thames Valley Shooting Cup 2019 Raises £11,000 For Charity

In this part of the season, it can be increasingly difficult to find anything close to or that resembles “good weather”. We find ourselves scrambling for opportunities to enjoy the dwindling sunlight while battling weather that curiously resembles the film “The Day After Tomorrow”. For those of you who have not seen the film here is a three-word description, it’s very cold. However, the weather on the day of the annual shooting cup was particularly favourable, so much so we had occasional bursts of sunlight bringing out all the vibrant colours of the E.J. Churchill grounds. With the weather in good standing and E.J.Churchill’s award-winning clay pigeon shooting grounds offering a scenic background our forty-four competitors had an exciting day ahead of them!

The format this year saw forty-four property professionals split into three groups characterised by a red, green and blue E.J. Churchill branded cap. Within these three groups were 3/4 teams each representing a company competing for the Jansons cup and the prizes that come with it. The winners would receive a bottle of champagne for each member of the winning team along with the winning trophy. The runners up would receive a bottle of champagne each while the best triers received a stuffed grouse. Following their arrival, the first order of business was a freshly made lunch with some dessert pieces for those with a sweet tooth. This was then followed by introductions and a short briefing from the excellent E.J. Churchill staff. Our competitors were let loose into 40 acres of stunning woodland which camouflaged the many shooting grounds on site. As the instructors led their respective groups through the woodland, you developed an understanding of how E.J. Churchill secured their prestigious accolades. Everything from the highly trained instructors, well-crafted apparatus to the over 120 clay shooting stands.

In the end, our competitors put in an exemplary display. Regardless of how experienced a shooter you were, there was ample opportunity to really enjoy yourself and learn something new. Each shooting stand was a place of sportsmanship, youthful exuberance and the banter you would expect when you get a group personalities together. However of the eleven teams there could only be one winner, one runners up and one best trier. Team Follett, a team consisting of James Jason, Anthony Henry-Lyons, Marco Pangherz and James Hall, won the Jansons Cup with an impressive 422/500. Peaky Blinders, a team consisting of Andrew Shaw, David Bailey, Andy Townsend and Max Thorne , were our runners up with 412/500. The best triers prizes went to Nexus Planning, a team consisting of Shaun Andrews, Adam Ross, Rob Pearson and Andrew Somerville , who managed to secure a score of 289/500. As an added bonus the Thames Valley Shooting Cup raised £11,000 for the Alexander Jansons Fund, a charity dedicated to raising funds for research into the causes, prevention and cures for Myocarditis.

Jansons Property will be hosting more clay pigeon shooting events throughout next year, we look forward to more opportunities to compete and network with more industry professionals. Please refer to our social media via the links below to view more photos and videos from this event! Alternatively, you can view the Twitter feed which is also below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialjansonsproperty/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jansonsproperty

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Henley Regatta Jansons Property

Jansons Sponsee Competes At Henley Regatta

Henley Regatta, the annual five-day event that unites thousands of athletes, coaches and spectators all in one place for the love of rowing. This year the Regatta had a different meaning to Jansons as one of our own was racing. Our rowing sponsee Joseph Murphy (far left in the image below) competed in the Fawley Challenge Cup at the Regatta alongside his teammates in Leander B. The team won the first three rounds of racing which secured them a place in in the semi-finals against Leander Team A. Unfortunately Joseph’s Leander Team B were bested by their Leander Club brothers who went on to win the competition as a whole! Losing to their teammates did not dampen Joseph’s spirits as making it to the semi-finals at one of the most prestigious rowing events in the world is no easy task.

The Leander Club

The Regatta features over 200 races of an international standard, this can include Olympic rowers as well as crews which are new to the event. The event is not exclusively for competitors and their entourage, visitors can take in the ambience of the enclosures, enjoying the array of restaurants, bars and shops as well as the charming views of Henley and the River Thames. This year’s Henley Regatta was a spectacle according to Joseph if you have never attended, get yourself to Henley next year!

To see more images and updates on Joe’s progress at the Regatta follow our social media:
Official Twitter | https://twitter.com/jansonsproperty
Official Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/officialjansonsproperty/

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