At Jansons we have an active and experienced team of professionals dealing purely with strategic land opportunities. We see land as being the future of great development sites and therefore commit a lot of time and resources towards identifying viable sites and taking these through the planning process.

Our team have a vast amount of success in taking land that is in the greenbelt and achieving allocation through local plan promotion. This involves a great deal of commitment, local understanding and planning knowledge to achieve the desired result. We also enjoy the challenge of pursuing a full consent for sites that are already allocated and redevelopment of brownfield sites.

Jansons work with landowners with an option agreement where the owner will have the full exposure to our team and experienced professionals. As part of this we are responsible for all of the costs to achieve a full planning consent on the land. We also purchase freeholds from landowners if it is the most viable option and we do this quickly with our existing cash resource.

Land Purchase Timeline

Initial Approach

You receive our approach via letter, phone call or door knock.

Initial Decision

You decide initially whether you would like to explore further the potential for your land and consider what value you would be seeking.


We arrange a meeting to discuss in detail and to view the land.

Land Purchase or Option

We discuss whether a freehold land purchase or an option agreement is most suitable for you. We will fully explain the details and differences of both.


Following our meeting we will send you an offer by post and email if applicable.


If our offer is acceptable to you, we then produce some heads of terms giving the details of the offer and listing our solicitors’ details. This is sent to all parties.

Exclusivity Agreement

A three-month exclusivity agreement is entered into during which time both parties’ solicitors will endeavour to achieve an exchange of contracts.

Exchange Timeline

We arrange a meeting between you, ourselves, and our respective solicitors to facilitate a timeline for the transaction to achieve a timely exchange of contracts.

Due Diligence

Information gathered, checked, and confirmed by solicitors that all is acceptable to proceed.

Exchange Contracts

Contracts are exchanged and we can push towards completion. A 10% non-refundable deposit will be paid to you on exchange.


This will take place 30 working days after exchange assuming it is a traditional purchase. Once completion takes place the money will be transferred to your account.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss the potential of your land without obligation, please contact our land team below.


Land Purchase Team

The team that approached you are the same team that will be with you throughout the whole process.



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Development Manager