Friday 21st March was the first shoot of 2014 and we were blessed with glorious sunshine. The shoot was well attended with 13 people meaning that Kate could spend time photographing the event and socialising which she enjoys.


We shot at four stands, which gave each person an overall maximum score of 40. Previously teams used to shot out of 30 however as the standard rose dramatically we had to increase the overall score to 40. The stands are also a good way to get everyone in the mood and give them practise before they all meet at the Flush and shoot in a team format.


The Flush is where each team lines up in a row of cages shooting a selection of clays all released in close order. On this occasion the Flush was exciting with a shoot off between two teams who both scored 35 out of 40 clays.

Team12 team11

In the end Chris Simmons and Robert Hibberdine battled for the winning title. They had to shoot best of 3 clays. The first two clays were released and both missed; the tension increased with only one final clay to come, to I am sure the relief of Robert he hit the final clay resulting in  Robert, Ashley Mason and John Carroll winning. The top gun of the day was also Robert Hibberdine who shot every well in the stands. It was obviously a great day for Robert.


The whole shoot was finished off with a welcomed full English breakfast and presentation of the prises. I am sure with the success of this shoot more will follow for the year.

Top Gun

Top Gun

Winning Team1

Winning Team


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