A few months ago, Andy was approached by a young man called Oli Wheeldon, who needed sponsorship for a trip to Antarctica to photograph the landscapes there. Oli was inspired by the BBC documentary ‘Land of the Lost Tiger’ and realised the power a single photo can have. In his research, he discovered information about the Antarctic Treaty and the 2041 group. He contacted them to see if he could join their 2013 expedition and, perhaps, help forward the cause for a healthier planet. Oli was offered a place and managed to raise the necessary sponsorship to join them. Here are his first thoughts since his return.

Hello All!
As I come to terms with what the last few weeks of my life consisted of,  I find myself thrust into normal life at the same time. With college today and work tomorrow it seems like Antarctica was a strange dream that I somehow managed to share with some of the most incredible people I have ever met.
Again I cannot thank you enough, the support I received for the expedition kept me going over the two years and made making it on to the team a reality. Allowing me to live out the best two weeks of my life.
Antarctica 1
Antarctica 2
 These are two of the first images that I have processed and I couldn’t wait to share them. The reason I have done some so quickly is simply because I had a university interview in the week and only had one chance to print some photographs from Antarctica to be able to add them to my portfolio! These two in particular I am extremely proud of because they remind me of landscape photographs that inspired my photography originally.
I feel by going to Antarctica with my mission, I have not only been given the opportunity to help, but at the same time better myself. Through Rob’s leadership on the edge programme in Antarctica and also the whole journey. Starting with fundraising as a 16 year old to standing midway up a mountain listening to an Antarctic glacier’s ancient groans and thunderous cracks.
It was all so new, but to sit here now knowing I did each one of those things, it is so clear that anyone can do anything they want, they just need to persevere, and one of the biggest lessons I learnt; don’t be afraid to ask those around you for help.
I will be writing my presentations and will be filling in the gaps of the blog with more photos, videos and stories from the trip over the next few weeks. I will send you all a link when they are up!
I will never be able to say that enough!
Oli Wheeldon

Beautiful images, I’m looking forward to seeing more. Oli’s blog can be reached by clicking here. It’s well worth a visit.

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