As you may remember, Huw Williams joined Jansons Property in September 2012 to oversee our expansion in the residential sector. Since then, a concerted advertising and PR campaign has been run to let everyone in the area know we’re here and what we’re about. 

Along with the advertising and editorial campaign in two local papers and The Estates Gazette, we have held a number of social events to get to know our local and area residential agents. As well as the Evening With Peter Chambers, one of the Olympic Silver Medal winning rowing brothers we sponsor, we have taken guests clay pigeon shooting and on a tour of the Fullers Griffin Brewery in Chiswick (read all about them in our other blogs). All this has brought a fantastic response and I’ve managed to unearth Huw from under a pile of site details to round up the results.

Huw v2

First of all I must say thanks to Andy (Jansons) and his team for such a great start to the job here. Coming into a company that thinks outside the box and has the money to back it up is so refreshing. The ad campaign and organised events have really made people notice that we’re here and let them know just what we’re looking for. Here’s the advert so you can see for yourselves.

Resi Ad

So far, we have made offers worth over £30,000,000 (thirty million pounds) on a variety of sites. Some of these are progressing and we expect to exchange contracts on a number before Christmas. I think our fastest moving deal happened this week, when Michael (Tomkins) was booked to see a site at 2pm,  moved it to 1pm and made an offer within the hour. When we say we’re interested, we’re interested.

I’m working with a great team here and between us our knowledge, experience and contacts put us right at the front of the line. I’m really looking forward to the next few months, when we’ll see some solid results from all the groundwork that’s been laid. Keep bringing those deals to my desk, still plenty of space for more.

Thanks Huw. If you need to contact him, email or call 07900 338884.

Do keep checking the site for news of our projects and, of course, our monthly blogs from Richard and Peter Chambers. Comments and questions can be left in the box below, your email address will not be published.

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