Jansons enjoy the challenge of the residential sector from seeking a planning approval through to developing out and finding an appropriate exit. We are proficient in developing both flatted schemes and housing. We often find that flatted schemes compliment a mixed use project very well and are conducive to other uses such as food stores, care homes and nurseries. With housing we are confident in the planning process and everything this entails and will either build out a project or partner with a reputable house builder in order to facilitate the build.


Strong demographic areas
Car parks
Existing office blocks with potential for redevelopment/conversion
Brownfield land
Office/retail investments with short to medium term redevelopment potential
Blocks of retail/offices/residential on high streets that can be comprehensively repurposed

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Terriers House, Buckinghamshire

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Jansons acquired this property on an unconditional basis in 2014 and leased back to MWH for a period of two years. It comprised of Terriers House which is Grade II Listed, offices, and various outbuildings.

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